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Welcome to Saltos Landscaping LLC, a leading company that does all kinds of landscaping work and related jobs. We provide services such as general landscaping, paving, installation of sprinklers in gardens, fencing, decking, installation of garden lighting fixtures, construction of hardscapes such as driveways and walkways, and many others. We serve Newcastle, WA and all the nearby areas such as Redmond, Seattle, and Renton.

We are renowned as a company that provides high-quality landscaping services. We are also popular because of the fact that we are a caring company that is committed to satisfying the needs of all customers. If you have tried to locate a company that provides landscaping services by searching online using phrases such as ‘landscaping in my area’, you should not hesitate to contact Saltos Landscaping LLC.

You could be asking yourself what makes Saltos Landscaping LLC the best company to go for when you need a contractor for work such as laying pavers in your yard, parking lot, driveway or any other area. The answer to this question is very simple. As noted above, we provide high-quality services and we are keen to satisfy all our customers’ needs. Hence, when you choose us to help you with the installation of pavers, we can assure you that we will do the work in the best possible way. We stand out because we always incorporate our clients’ views in our work whenever we are assigned any project. That is to say that we always listen carefully in order to understand what our customers need and ensure that the work meets the required specifications.

Our highly skilled employees are always ready to help you with any kind of landscaping work. Therefore, if you are in Newcastle or nearby and you have searched for ‘landscaping in my area’, please contact us any time.




Saltos Landscaping LLC operates in Newcastle, WA. We are the local expert pavers.

Call us to get your landscaping looking great. If you're searching the web for, 'landscaping in my area' we are here to help.

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