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Residential Fencing

& Outdoor Lighting

Do you want to construct a fence around your home? Are you searching for a company that can help you install outdoor lighting systems for your home? Are you aware that there is a professional company that can help you with all types of landscaping work? Yes, if you reside in Renton, WA or any of the adjacent places, you can benefit from the services that Saltos Landscaping LLC provides. We are an organization that provides all the services that you can think of when it comes to landscaping and other related work. We do works such as outdoor lighting installation, residential fencing, deck construction, landscape grading, walkway construction, the building of retaining walls, patio construction, gardening, lawn maintenance, and many others. Hence, if you are looking for a professional company to help you do any type of landscaping work, Saltos Landscaping LLC is here for you.

We have been providing landscaping services for many years. Because of our many years of experience, we have built a reputation as a company that delivers excellent results for any work done. We are able to deliver excellent results because we fully understand our customers’ needs and we have set our sights on meeting those needs. Notably, we have studied our customers over the years and determined what they expect from a company like ours. Consequently, we have invested significantly in hiring highly skilled people and training them so that they can capably meet our customers’ needs. We have also purchased modern equipment to enhance our efficiency and ensure that our employees are well-protected whenever they are doing any type of work.

You can also rely on us because we charge reasonable prices for services such as installation and maintenance of outdoor lighting systems, gardening, residential fencing, lawn maintenance, and others. Reach us if you are in Renton or nearby areas such as Issaquah and Newcastle and you need a landscaper.

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